What to Do If You Have Been in a Bike Accident

If you have been in a bike accident, then you will want to find out about the compensation that is available to you. There are many reasons why someone may get into an accident on their bike. Some of the most common injuries include a sprained ankle, bruises, and fractures. You will also want to understand what signs to look for after an accident.

Signs of a bike accident

The best way to avoid a bike accident is to stay aware of your surroundings. By being conscious of your location, you’ll be able to steer away from oncoming traffic, or land in a safe spot to avoid a nasty accident.

In addition to taking notice of your surroundings, the best way to mitigate the effects of an accident is to seek immediate medical attention. Even if you aren’t seriously hurt, a crash can leave you with a variety of maladies.

Head injuries, or concussions, are one of the most common long-term disabilities from bike accidents. If you suffer from a head injury, you should be evaluated by a doctor immediately.

Other important signs of an accident include a bruise around your chest. This may indicate internal bleeding, and is a symptom of myositis ossificans, a degenerative muscle disease.

A good way to tell if you’ve suffered a bike accident is to find out whether you’re able to steer correctly. An impact on the front tire will cause a wobble in your wheel.

Common causes

Bicycle accidents are often caused by inattention, speed, and distraction. Those involved in bicycle accidents may experience a variety of injuries, including fractured necks, sprains, and traumatic brain injuries. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid an accident.

Distraction, or more specifically, multitasking while driving, is a major cause of all types of vehicle collisions. A study found that drivers who use electronic devices while driving increase their risk of an accident by 23 times.

In addition to being distracted, drivers must watch for bicyclists and pedestrians. This is especially important during rush hours. It’s not uncommon for motorists to veer out of their lane to pass another vehicle or a pedestrian.

Drivers should also be aware of pedestrians on bikes and pets being walked on the sidewalk. Many bike accidents occur when a driver does not watch for a bicycle in an intersection.

During inclement weather, bicyclists should be extra careful. If riding at night, be sure to wear reflective clothing and a headlight. At night, it’s easier for a driver to spot a cyclist than during the day.

Common injuries

Bicycling is a popular sport and recreation, but accidents can occur. Cyclists are vulnerable to head injuries, broken bones, and other trauma. The injuries that can occur are often severe and require extensive treatment.

The most common type of cycling injury is a head injury. Helmets reduce the risk of this type of injury by 85 percent. Head injuries can lead to a host of problems, including brain damage, cognitive problems, and even memory loss.

Musculoskeletal injuries can also result from bike crashes. Broken bones, sprains, and fractures can result in severe pain and lifelong consequences. Some injuries can result in surgeries to correct them, and others can heal on their own.

Spinal injuries can cause paralysis or numbness. A spinal injury can lead to degenerative changes that will impact a person for years to come.

Traumatic brain injuries can be life-altering, and a concussion can be painful and lingering. Symptoms include dizziness, confusion, and double vision.

Compensation after a bike accident

If you were involved in a bike accident that was not your fault, you may have the right to file a compensation claim. Compensation can help cover your medical expenses and any other expenses associated with the accident.

There are a few things to consider before filing a claim. It is best to research the process of filing a bike accident claim and find out how long the statute of limitations is. Depending on the type of injury you’ve suffered, the amount of your compensation can range from a few hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands.

In some cases, your medical bills can be covered by your at-fault driver’s insurance company. You may also be able to get your lost wages reimbursed. While these two types of compensation are important, you need to take into account other costs.

You may also be able to get additional coverage through an umbrella insurance policy. This is not a common purchase, but can be helpful if you are involved in a serious cycling accident.

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