Upgrading Your Motorcycle Exhaust System

The exhaust system is essential for regulating noise pollution, and it also plays a significant role in engine performance. A new exhaust system can boost horsepower, reduce weight and look amazing.

Full motorcycle exhaust systems are the most comprehensive upgrade, but even a slip-on muffler can bring noticeable benefits. Read on to learn more about these amazing pieces of equipment.

Improved Performance

When a rider upgrades their motorcycle exhaust, they’re often looking for more power, better handling, more sound and a sleek design. It’s not hard to see why the exhaust upgrade is usually the first modification that riders make.

Exhausts make a significant improvement to engine performance by improving the flow of air and fuel into your bike, and by helping your engine efficiently move burned air and fuel out. Depending on the type of exhaust you choose and its fitment to your bike, the gains can be substantial.

Some exhaust systems require other engine modifications to work correctly, such as a jet kit or fuel controller for carbureted bikes, and headwork and camshaft changes for injected bikes. A well-planned engine modification plan can deliver the greatest gains for your motorbike with the lowest initial cash outlay. Properly gapped spark plugs and proper jetting are also recommended. Keeping your pipes clean is important to prevent “bluing” and corrosion. Regular use of mild non-abrasive cleaners can keep your pipes looking new.

Improved Sound

If you’re looking to make your motorcycle sound deeper, there are a few ways that can be done. One way is to add a performance muffler. These are less restrictive than stock mufflers and can give your bike a deep growl. However, this modification might affect your engine’s fuel efficiency and may not be legal in certain areas.

Another way to improve your motorcycle’s sound is to add a free-flowing universal slip on motorcycle exhaust system. This type of system can increase horsepower and torque, as well as improve overall engine performance. Additionally, it can help your motorcycle conserve fuel by routing combustion gases away from the engine.

If you decide to upgrade your motorcycle’s exhaust, it’s recommended that you also change the air filter. This will help improve airflow and allow your new pipes to perform at their best. If you don’t do this, your motorcycle’s fuel mixture may be too lean and can cause damage to the engine.

Reduced Weight

Many exhaust systems feature lightweight materials, such as aluminum alloy and stainless steel. These materials are strong and durable, and they weld well. Stainless steel is also resistant to corrosion and does not rust easily.

Aftermarket motorcycle exhausts can improve performance by reducing weight. For instance, a full system may be made from titanium instead of heavy steel, which can save you up to 15 pounds or more. In addition, the lighter materials are also less prone to heat transfer, which is good for your engine and cooling system.

You can also upgrade your motorcycle exhaust to make it sound deeper and more aggressive. One popular modification is adding a slip-on or performance muffler, which is less restrictive than the stock muffler. However, removing the baffles or making other modifications to your muffler can have legal and environmental consequences. Always check with your local authorities before modifying your motorcycle exhaust. They may have noise ordinances or other restrictions.


There’s no question that upgrading the aesthetics of your bike will boost its overall appearance. Adding a custom exhaust system, for example, will allow your engine to work more efficiently while offering a distinctive, aggressive sound that can turn heads. This modification also improves handling and helps you ride with a more confident posture.

The best motorcycle exhausts are shaped to increase performance, built with premium materials and crafted to unmatched standards. The Vance & Hines Hi-Output RR PCX exhaust for baggers, for instance, boasts stepped headers, fine-tuned collector design, a stainless muffler and undeniably aggressive looks.

You can also upgrade the look of your bike by installing fenders and fairings. Fenders offer protection from small debris, road spray and rain while fairings block wind and help you manage airflow around your body. They’re also available in a wide range of colors and finishes so you can match them to your personality and style. Other cosmetic upgrades include swapping out your tires to ones that are suited for the climate and terrain you frequently ride in, improving traction and handling while making your bike easier to control.

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