How Much Do Pontoon Boats Weigh: The Quick Answer

Pontoon boats are typically 50-200 feet long and can weigh up to a ton. These boats are sometimes used in recreation, such as fishing or boating, but can also be designed for commercial use.

They’re so popular because they’re stable and easy to maneuver, making them convenient for both recreational and commercial purposes. Here’s a quick overview of how much a pontoon boat weighs.

How Much Do Pontoon Boats Weigh?

Pontoon boats are usually between 50 and 200 feet long, which makes them around the average size.

Pontoon boats with a travel base weight of 100 pounds and a travel volume of 1,000 cubic feet are considered commercial boats, while boats weighing 100 to 200 pounds are considered recreational boats.

The majority of pontoon boats weigh around 200 pounds. That’s because commercial boat manufacturers tend to make boats heavier than recreational ones.

There are many types of pontoon boats. For example, some models are made of wood or aluminum and others are made of fiberglass. Others can be built with aluminum, fiberglass, or metal hulls. All pontoon boats share the same basic function.

Why Does a Pontoon Boat Have Weight?

A pontoon boat’s hull and deck are primarily made of polyurethane foam. Polyurethane has a high strength-to-weight ratio, which allows it to hold up under a load. When the floating pier of a pontoon boat is anchored to the ground, it’s necessary to ensure the boat is strong enough to support its load.

This is one of the reasons pontoon boats have a large hull (a hard exterior covering the interior of the boat) and lower deck (a deck that’s sunken under the ground) so that the lower deck can be used as a platform to support the weight of the boat.

It’s important to remember that the weight of a pontoon boat is only one of many factors when it comes to the overall stability of a vessel.

What Makes a Pontoon Boat Stable?

A pontoon boat with a small wake at the back will stay afloat, while the larger boats will tend to flip over. If the current is strong, the larger pontoon boats will tend to flip over, while the small ones will tend to stay upright. This is a great benefit because as the pontoon boat sinks, the larger boats float up, allowing those on them to swim to the surface and keep afloat.

That’s not the only reason why a pontoon boat is considered to be stable: it’s so stable that the new ones often weigh just 3,000 pounds, less than half the weight of the old ones. That’s because when the older pontoon boats went through some improvements, like the manufacture of new material for the boat’s deck, they had to be made smaller than usual, resulting in the lighter weight.

How to Make the Pontoon Boat Weight More Manageable?

The heavier the boat, the more stable it is, and therefore safer to use. Here’s a way to lighten up the boat.

Paddle Lighter. For example, many brands include a double paddle, which is built to reduce weight.

Fix Water Leaks. If you have leaks in your boat, you’ll want to invest in some boat cleaning supplies, which can save your expensive pontoon boat.

The average pontoon boat can hold 8 to 12 passengers. Of the most common sizes, the biggest boats typically hold 30 passengers and have longer beams and bigger motors.

Except for the sporty pontoon boats, most boats are designed to operate on waters with less than 2 feet of depth. That’s because it is easier for passengers to escape in case of an emergency.

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