Avocado Tree Care During Winter

If you live in areas where the temperatures can reach subzero and grow avocado trees, then this blog post is meant for you to enlighten various tips on avocado tree care during winter.

Even though the weather conditions are not favorable for growing avocado trees, it doesn’t mean you cannot grow them.  All you need is to know what to do during the winter season.

The avocado tree originated from Mexico, and the favorable weather conditions to grow them are in warm areas. However, the latter doesn’t mean that you can’t grow an avocado tree if you live in areas where you experience several winter conditions. Below are some of the things to take into consideration on how to care for avocado tree during winter.

Plant Avocado Tree variety which can withstand winter conditions

There are different varieties of avocado trees, and if you live in an area where you know winter takes long, then choose the right avocado tree which can withstand these winter conditions.  When you get to grow the right avocado tree, chances are they will not be affected by the winter weather conditions

There are three main avocado types: Mexican avocados (Persea Americana var. drymifolia), Guatemalan avocados (Persea nubigena var. guatemalensis), and West Indian avocados (Persea nubigena var. guatemalensis).

Mexican and Guatemalan avocados are the most resistant to the cold of the three. If your area has yearly freezes, the Mexican avocado might be a wise choice, even if they are minor. Mexicola, Topa Topa, and the oddly called Bacon avocado can withstand up to 25 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Guatemalan types, such as Rincon, Nabal, and MacArthur, are the second competitors, as they can tolerate temperatures as low as 29 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures below 30 degrees will harm most other varieties. Here’s where you can learn more about avocado types.

Protect Outdoor Avocado Trees

If cold weather is on the horizon, you’ll need to take precautions to preserve your trees. If the trees are young, consider building a frame around them and covering it with heavy blankets to keep the wind at bay while retaining some warmth.

Drape incandescent outdoor lights (such as those used on a Christmas tree) around older trees to generate heat. If a freeze is on the way, it’s a good idea to harvest the current crop to avoid losing it.

In the worst-case situation, the damage could occur regardless of your efforts. It’s still feasible to save your tree if you keep it well-watered during the winter.

It is a way that can prevent frost from drying out, and blossoms that have fallen off due to the cold weather may reappear. Wait till the coldest weather has passed before pruning off damaged branches.

Consider growing dwarf varieties for indoor growth.

If you have no other option, the weather during winter is not favorable for the avocado tree; you can opt to go the dwarf variety. The best variety is like the Guatemalan Holiday or Wertz.

Holiday avocado trees are typically lower in size than Wertz avocado trees. Thus you can also consider it as a Guatemalan Gwen avocados variety.

The dwarf avocado trees are excellent choices because they may be kept inside the house for many years. When your avocado tree is inside, you’ll have to pay extra attention to it.

To start, this entails utilizing a grow bag that is the same size as the rooting size. Because they allow more oxygen to reach the roots, grow bags are a fantastic alternative to regular pots.

It would help if you placed your tree in a location where it will receive the greatest sunshine (i.e., on the sill of a large window). You’ll need to carefully select nutrients and monitor the pH of your tree, as well as prune it properly. Once a tree gets about a foot tall, it should be pruned to half its original height to ensure a full, round tree.

Monitor Water Intake

As with most plants, sunlight and water are vital for your avocado tree to flourish. It’s important not to over-or under-water it, or it’ll die. It’s had too much water if the leaves turn yellow.

It’s time for a drink if the edges are golden and crispy. Check to see whether the soil has turned hard and dry; this is another sign that your tree needs to be watered.


Avocado tree care in the winter can be difficult. If the worst happens and your avocado tree freezes, you might still be able to save it.

According to the University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources, blossoms that have fallen off due to the cold will normally grow again. Watering properly throughout the winter season will assist in reducing the drying effects of frost.

There is no need to prune off freeze-damaged branches if freezing weather is expected in the coming weeks. Prune the dead stuff once the threat of sub-freezing weather has gone.

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